• Dance is expensive! What does my tuition cover?

Great question! Tuition pays for your time in class. The use of the facility, utilities, and the teacher are all covered under tuition. We hire teachers with extensive backgrounds in teaching and professional dance. We promise that your child will learn from well qualified, hand-picked teachers who nurture their ability. You will see your investment in their talent grow exponentially! Sometimes kids get tired and bored with extracurricular activities. We understand-they’re kids! If they aren’t feeling it, let us know. We require 30 days’ notice to drop out of a class. Be sure to have a conversation about finishing before you allow them to quit.

  • Why do I need to pay a recital fee?

The recital is the BEST part! Every dancer LOVES showing off their skills and performing in front of an audience! The recital fee covers one costume, two tickets to the show, and a video of the production. This fee of $125 is due December 1st. We are happy to split it into payments for your convenience. Preschool dancers DO NOT pay a recital fee. If you are unable to pay the fee, please let us know.

  • Why do I have a pay a fee to use a credit card?

Unfortunately, the Credit Card processing company charges us a fee. Want to avoid the fee? Just let us know! There are ways around it and we are happy to work with you!

  • Why are the classes separated by age/grade level?

Just like a school classroom setting, we start by separating the students by the age/grade level. This give us an idea of where to place them. If you dancer is surging ahead, or in need of catching up, we will let you know if they need to move levels. We want your dancer to thrive just as much as you do! It is our promise to you that we will put in the proper level for their abilities!

  • Why does my dancer have to wear a uniform leotard?

We want to establish a feeling of equality in the studio. Wearing a uniform to class will increase a feeling of belonging and allow every dancer to experience mutual growth. Don’t worry, the leotards are soft and your dancer will enjoy wearing it!

  • My dancer loves to be on stage! Are there additional performance opportunities?

Yes! The Savannah Ballet Theatre produces two shows throughout the year. We will email you with audition information.

  •  I don’t want to miss anything! How will I know what’s going on around the studio?

We primarily correspond by email. Please be sure that we have your correct email address. If you get a new address, let us know! We are happy to update it! Also, our door is always open! Stop by to see us during office hours! Busy at the office? Call us!

  • I‘m registered! What happens now?

We will enter all of your information into our system, and send out an email! Classes start August 26th!

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